Nuestros Proyectos en Africa: República Arabe Saharaui (2009) Proyecto 63 (1 de 2)

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Constituted: 12th of September 1995
Inscripción Registro Nacional: 25 de octubre de 1995
Número nacional: 160.003 - CIF G 81295032
Radioaficionados sin fronteras
radioamateurs without frontiers

(radioaficionados sin fronteras - radioamateurs sans frontieres)
In the month of April, coinciding with the Easter holidays, we decided to do two projects in the Sahara desert. One was the installation of two VHF stations in a small settlement of the deep desert, traveling eight hours in endless road cars from the Saharawi refugee camps.

There, far from it, have two vans for local service provisioning and moving people and needed the installation of separate short-range radios. for
this project, I traveled as cooperating RSF to this remote spot and as we can see in the picture in front of one of the vehicles, I delivered a Mahfoud Zein, S01MZ, president of the Association of Amateur Sahrawi all necessary materials for immediate installation of two radio stations.

Thus, in Tifariti, on the border of the former Spanish province of Río de Oro and neighboring Mauritania, where there is no mobile phone coverage, no electricity, no running water, surrounded by shops nomadic pastoralists, their families and their huge herds of camels, now can communicate by radio, from the central position, with the two vans that travel the country. The material donated by R.S.F. the Sahrawis Radioaficionados was part of what they learned in Merca Ham Cerdanyola del Valles, in ceded to the NGO stand last year yparte from donations of Spanish hams, who never tire of thanking enough and make us Directions selflessly stations, antennas, power, computers, which is the material that enables us to perform these solidarity work.

And finally the most important to all of our NGO partners, who contribute each year their bit, without them we could not continue adelante.La radio, in this century, in places like the desert thanks, is more alive than ever and we, the members of RSF, are the most signal to provide this important resource for communication between humans

73 y DX, Julio EA5XX