Nuestros Proyectos en Africa: República Arabe Saharaui (2009) Proyecto 64 (2 de 2)

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Constituted: 12th of September 1995
Inscripción Registro Nacional: 25 de octubre de 1995
Número nacional: 160.003 - CIF G 81295032
Radioaficionados sin fronteras
radioamateurs without frontiers

(radioaficionados sin fronteras - radioamateurs sans frontieres)
This project was my first small contribution to RSF that although it had no elevated technical complexity itself was decisive proof of concept we can make in the future in the Algerian territories hosting refugee camps Sahrawi order proportional tools to facilitate economic growth so far based in assistance especially from Spain. I accompanied EA3CWZ, Joan, whose assistance was invaluable especially against the difficulties encountered during the project.

The project consisted of establishing a wireless (2.4Ghz) link between the presidential building and the Telecommunications (DCT) to provide them with access to internet. The DCT is headed by Mahfoud Zeni, S01MZ and President of the Sahrawi Association of Amateur Radio. For this we rely on donations from various equipment (routers, laptops) cooperating, individuals and amateurs as has been the case EA5BM donated three access points, the Universitat Jaume I of Castellón through its IT department led by Pilar Belenguer, donated ethernet cable for connections between routers and equipment for both laptops donated by two individuals: Gemma Lorenzo Chapel and Miriam. The main difficulties arose around the mechanical fastening of the antennas (given we did not know in advance where they would be located and had to ingenuity to install them as stable as possible against the winds of Sirocco) and configuration of access points to which we thank EA5EHS, Nicetas, support that allowed leave the link with maximum guarantees of operation.

The bandwidth available was not excessive given that we shared with all offices in the building of the Presidency, point of origin, and this did not exceed 250Kb / s but enough to provide internet access to DCT and allow sending emails and as browsing the web. Most importantly, this project has not been both the link itself as being able to analyze the situation of wireless communications for internet access Saharawi camps and to evaluate future possibilities for the creation of a technological environment that allows them generate wealth in the territories.

We thank here all RSF partners for their support in this project and donors, without whom there would have been possible to do as well as the excellent friendliness of the Sahrawis who made us feel at home during the week we conducted the project.

For more detailed information, you can consult the journal CQ Amateur Radio, Spanish edition, October 2009 where an item with any technical detail of the experience was published.

73 de Juan, EA5XQ