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Constituted: 12th of September 1995
Inscripción Registro Nacional: 25 de octubre de 1995
Número nacional: 160.003 - CIF G 81295032
Radioaficionados sin fronteras
radioamateurs without frontiers

(radioaficionados sin fronteras - radioamateurs sans frontieres)
In May 2014, RSF received a statement from Miguel Serrano President of the NGO "All Are Innocent" requesting support for the provision of small walkies in the VHF band to facilitate their communication Robis- near Lungi, Northern Province, PortLoko district of Sierra Leone. Such equipment and facilitate both going to give security to the NGO multidispiplinares equipment deployed in its Platform for Cooperation in the area.

The NGO "All Are Innocent" (TSI) communications equipment needed for the summer campaign where, to coincide with the rainy season, much worse terrestrial communications - flooded roads - and increased incidence of childhood malaria. Health and logistic teams (all volunteers) needed to coordinate with the ATV in their performances to a radius of 15 km. In summer 2013 campaign a WEEKLY average of 56 new cases of malaria in children under five years who required such mobilization efficiently and effectively diagnosed.

Txema, EA5BWR, was cooperating by RSF in charge of drafting the strategy to support TSI.

Given that we did not have funds to send to any cooperating to Sierra Leone, Txema had to contrive to make installation guides and hope that Michael and his team were able to run it on the destination. Txema was commissioned to locate the different teams (walkies, basic equipment, antennas) and configure base for easy operation.

All equipment was properly packaged and sent to the headquarters of TSI to be moved to Sierra Leone.

In July, Miguel Serrano and his team managed to launch the equipment and so, with the help of Txema through the corresponding guides, power
meet its goal.

Most importantly, this project came to RSF through a third person, who recommended Miguel Serrano contact us.
From now on, we will monitor the facilities and future needs to develop a project with time and obtain greater economic support public-private institutions focusing on these activities.

Thanks to our performance, TSI gave us the category of NGOs fighting for child slavery with the logo "HUMAN QUALITY". RSF is the first NGO that receives it.
Our Projects in Africa: Sierra Leone