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Constituted: 12th of September 1995
Inscripción Registro Nacional: 25 de octubre de 1995
Número nacional: 160.003 - CIF G 81295032
Radioaficionados sin fronteras
radioamateurs without frontiers

(radioaficionados sin fronteras - radioamateurs sans frontieres)
Our Projects in Africa: Mali
During the month of November and early December 2012, he moved to the Republic of Mali our partner Txema EA5BWR, in order to make a collaboration with CRAM (Club des Radioamateurs Affiliés et du Mali).

The Republic of Mali, mired in an independence war by armed terrorist groups in the northern territories and total political instability in the capital in the wake of last coup suffered March 22, 2012, represented hitherto an example democracy for the entire African continent.
A country in which the National Association of Amateur Radio (CRAM) with representation before the IARU only has 8 members of which only 4 can be considered assets.

The idea of collaborating with the Association stems from a request made worldwide by its President TZ6HY Msr. Hamadoun Yattara, through various websites DX and QRZ.COM profile, where exposes the situation of neglect suffered Mali and the lack of resources available to promote Amateur Radio
among younger.

With the intention of installing a complete HF station in a school in the town of Kati (main stronghold of the coup forces during the realization of the project) and helping pupils rafioafición the world of telecommunications and offering technical expertise that in the future they might encourage to find employment as radio operators or technicians communications centers of the various UN agencies and NGOs in the country are carrying out their work, traveled from Alicante, performing scale Lisbon finally arriving Senou airport in Bamako, our cooperating partner Txema EA5BWR.

The climate of tension and fear that lives in Bamako population was increasing as the battles fought independence groups occupying strategic points a few 300km from the capital.

After a series of conversations and email exchanges with members of the CRAM, and because of the security situation facing the country, he finally withdrew install equipment and antennas and postponeresto to a future in which security offered the ability to complete the project without fear that the materials could be seized or taken by force by the rebel troops, who had virtual control of Kati.
Mali (2012) Project #67 (1 from 2)