The most exciting day of the expedition was on Thursday 15th. We visited in Batibo Widikum Spanish nuns from beside them came Sister Theresa, a nun who had arrived in Bolivia in his country for four years, and informed us that he had heard from his family since his arrival, despite having written three letters in this space of time, I asked the city of his fathers and the phone number, your city is situated near the border with Brazil, it quickly occurred to me to call Madrid Radio, on the frequency in which they work, I was fortunate to have the other side of the frequency at great friend Pedro, tireless and very human in his work, I informed him of the situation of Sister Teresa and then she could make communication "via radio / telephone from Madrid to Bolivia Radio / Cameroon . Peter was given three phone numbers, the first no one answered, Peter tells us and Sister Teresa takes a start, it was tried the second number and unfortunately ditto of the same, and the third will get the communication .. . Pedro Bravo. Sister Teresa was so excited that at first I did not get the words out, tears running down her cheeks in joy of being able to communicate with family after four months without any contact. All of us at this time in the radio room we were excited too, reaching some break to mourn for the satisfaction of having contributed to a humanitarian communication and seeing Sister Teresa jubilant.

During the month of August this year, RSF was also in northern Togo VHF communication riding in the clinic, hospital and car of the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary. The project was done with RSF's own resources and materials received from various partners. Taking the trip to verify that the school project will be built and that RSF asked the MPDL de Extremadura, president traveled to the QTH Javier Martin de Jesus Gonzalez (5V7GL) and from there they went to install the equipment. Today these missionaries are also reported in patients with nocturnal traveling from city to Nadjundí Dapaong.

Our thanks to the commercial houses that have helped us with materials: Kenwood Bit Radio, Radio Mabril, INAC, Inteco, Luna E, Beronia Telecom EA8ADJ, EA8QL; to MPDL of Aragon and Extremadura Conchita Sabena Frade and Rosa Rivas Air France by excess kilos granted; to Brothers of St. John of God, the Missionary Servants of Mary, Ministers to the sick, the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary, who traveled cooperating radio amateurs and they had their time and money, ERUs and our entire group of amateurs who work with RSF, without your help and dedication would not have executed 35 projects of radio communication in our first three years of life as an NGO Amateur Radio Without Borders.

This is also done radio.

Paco Hernando EA4AHK


Published in the magazine " Radioaficionados" 12/98 pag. 22


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