Last December 2008, Javier EA2COL accompanied by various cooperators and volunteers went to Bengbis, Cameroon, to lead the project to install five ambulance stations, one in the hospital for Bengbis, sub-department of southern Cameroon, which the NGO Sanitaria "Zerca AND AWAY", whose origin is the Faculty of Medicine of the Autonomous University of Madrid, is in the area and the villages of Menkes and Mbmeta `a with corresponding solar photovoltaic panels.

The activity of this Organization is focused on the hospital near the city of Bengbis, continuously since 2001. It covers an area encompassing 65 villages with an approximate area of 8,000 square kilometers and 20,000 inhabitants of the ethnic Bulu and Baka Pygmies. For the development of this activity need to move on where there are population groups that do not have any telecommunications infrastructure.

This situation is not possible communication between working groups, the population centers and the operations center, with a consequent lack of assistance in critical situations, caused by emergencies, or to vehicle breakdown when they are doing their work away operations center (and there have been cases of aid workers have to walk over 30 km at night through vehicle breakdown, unable to communicate to come to their assistance).

With the installation of these stations: the central Bengbis Hospital, one in the town of Menkes and the other in the town of Tenf, fed last two solar photovoltaic panels, in addition to moving vehicles to meet the needs of the population, urgent support a very useful service, and communication between all thus solve all the problems currently have. To implement the project became necessary to have the following equipment funded by "Fons Valencians per the Solidarity": 8 HF stations to work at frequencies of 40 mts3 frequency antennas for mobile antennas asignada5 for 40 m2 solar photovoltaic panels carga2 regulators 75W2 12 volt 90 amp batteries

We thank from here to "Fons Valencians per the Solidarity", the municipality of Villafranca (Navarra) and RSF all partners for their support in this project, without which there
would have been possible.

73 de Javier, EA2COL

"The emotion of being communicated" (2008) Project 62
Our Projects in Africa: Cameroon (2008)
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