Our Projects in Latin America: Bolivia 2009. Project #65

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Constituted: 12th of September 1995
Inscripción Registro Nacional: 25 de octubre de 1995
Número nacional: 160.003 - CIF G 81295032
Radioaficionados sin fronteras
radioamateurs without frontiers

(radioaficionados sin fronteras - radioamateurs sans frontieres)

Mission resident physician in Fatima also mounting supplying system for solar energy.

Given the difficulties there to repair broken equipment, the trip took advantage pararealizar several repairs such as solar power system cooler vaccines desalud Mision Fatima Posta and the Catholic Mission that gives name to this indigenous community chimdn. With the aim of providing communications Ambulance SaludVinarasirare Posta de San Ignacio de Moxos, performed the installation VHF equipment. I also installed a VHF equipment in the Multifunctional Center La Pascana and put into operation in April walkies for the doctor, nurse, biochemical and driver guard Posta Vinarasirare.

Two years ago we identified a strong interference in the HF receiver Posta Vinarasirare that blocked the front desk and they did unusable. After trying to locate and facing the impossibility of her install a new antenna for HF in a different location. I also noticed the solar supply Ignition system Medica hospital ship Canaria Solidarity has in the Mamore River, HF antenna Totora, chiman High River community Secure and HF radio San Vicente, indigenous community of Isiboro river was revised.

Thanks to the Provincial de Alicante, which subsidized equipment, and Aviation Without Borders, ASF, and Medical Solidarity Canaria, SMC, which together with Amateur Radio Without Borders, RSF, covered the cost of the trip was possible to successfully complete the mission.

73 de Toni EA5RM

Continuing with Phase I of the project to support Canaria Medical Solidarity with the support of Aviators Without Borders, which was conducted in 2007 and which also participated EA5KM Javier, I embarked again last August for the Catholic Mission of Fatima and to continue that as crucial for the NGO Solidaridad Médica Canaria as providing them with sufficient and necessary infrastructure to provide communications support to the population of indigenous communities scattered chiman the Bolivian jungle work.

For more than two weeks, I was installing solar powered equipment HF in chimanes communities in the river Maniqui calls Cosincho, Cusichama and Mission Fatima also the center Multifunctional La Pascana. I also did the design and installation of the electrical system with seven points of light to be the residence